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Each poem has a story hidden within it of an experience leading to peace. Themes of sensitivity, love, friendship and life are explored in depth. The book delves into how teenagers, especially males, are not given the right to express themselves freely. It guarantees insight into the life of an emotional young boy who will not only take you on his journey but also encourage you to look back at your life as well. Sorry we are currently not available in your region. Alternatively you can purchase from our partners.

Journey: The emotions within

Vinayak Kapoor is a seventeen-year-old who has spent his high school years in a boarding school in Jaipur, far away from his hometown, New Delhi. His poems are a summary of his journey in the last few years and on how every emotion has influenced his life. Coming from a business family, he is breaking the norms by following his own dreams and aspirations of becoming a writer and actor.

Snowflake: A Journey of Emotions

He is eager to explore new topics like psychology and philosophy in connection with creative writing. He plans to hold on to his business background as well by pursuing his studies in the field while going after his dreams.

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We are very pleased that this seems to becoming more accepted. I am often asked how an emotion is evoked.

Running of the Programme

This is quite complex but I thought I would try and outline some headlines here. Over millennia, humans have developed a complex set of emotions to help us deal with our environment.

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For example, have you ever had the feeling that something is wrong as you walk down a darkly lit street? This all happens in a split second. Therefore emotions can be generated by seeing subconscious signals. I bet he had, at least in his dreams.

Learn more about the amazing Wildlife of Patagonia. Yet what every piece of literature fails to mention is that the Galapagos have the ability to turn you into a philosopher too, one who has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and new discoveries, for learning and experiencing. These seemingly unforgiving volcanic islands offer so much shelter and protection to so much life. An isolated and remote paradise that makes you feel at one with nature.

Now that is a feeling worth the trip. Sea-lions sleeping on a beach on the Galapagos Islands.

See a Problem?

Credit: Shutterstock. One sensational archipelago, 13 astonishing islands — read Your Island by Island Guide to the Galapagos. I love Bolivia, I really do. I love crossing its resplendent Altiplano and diving deep into its remote Amazonian jungles to chase dolphins. I get the thrill of my life crossing the multihued Altiplano and I love spending days exploring the islands of Lake Titicaca.

A land where 9am could potentially be So why do I love Bolivia? Because Bolivia teaches you to let go — in the most literal sense.

Zindagi - A Journey of Emotions

Let go of expectations, of self-imposed restrictions, of strict itineraries and plans. So give up, eventually, one does.

A Journey of Emotions Ep1

And that leads to the kind of happiness that only comes from true acceptance.