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Originally posted by MistyToes View Post. Or are you unfamiliar with Marianology aka she is Co-Redemptrix with her son and was translated into Heaven because she was sinless? Or that the Catholic mass crucifies Jesus over and over again every single time? Where is the "propitiation for sin" in all of that?????? Comment Post Cancel.

In what way is Mary considered to be a co-redemptrix or mediatrix?

Truth Revealed. Originally posted by Bob Carabbio View Post. I Imagine you still teach that the Pope is the "Antichrist" too. Jeremiah I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot. Oh how I love the Word of God! Originally posted by Truth Revealed View Post. It is not useless, and it is not a burden. And his commands are not burdensome ,. Yes, this is true. His writings stand as proof that the knowledge of the Gospel is preserved in Scripture.

We don't have to add to that - it is fully taught therein. He didn't say You are adding your own interpretation to scripture, where scripture says nothing of the sort. Paul taught the Gospel throughout his writings. Without them we would not have the full knowledge of the Gospel of Christ and what it means for us. And there are many other such claims of private revelation.

Some of these claims must certainly be true. In order to assist the faithful in determining which are true, I offer the following guidelines. True private revelations contain no theological errors, nor any doctrines contrary to Church teaching. This criteria can be difficult to evaluate properly.

Church doctrine catholic

False private revelations often distort doctrines, including those not yet formally defined by the Church. They attract adherents by promoting a popular true doctrine, such as Mary's role as Mediatrix, but they also distort that doctrine. One must have a good understanding of a particular doctrine in order to evaluate a claimed private revelation on this basis.

It should be understood by the faithful that messages, locutions, and the like, from private revelations, such as an apparition of the Virgin Mary, are generally not theological treatises. They are more in the form of a note or letter to a friend, or an informal sermon. Therefore, the theology found therein is not a comprehensive presentation of a theological question.

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One should not expect such messages to be formal theology. Nevertheless, messages that clearly contradict Church doctrine or any truths of faith or morals are suspect.

The Marian Movement of Priests

True private revelations are fallible. Everything that God says and does is infallible. Yet, if God gives someone, even a Saint, a true private revelation, there can be errors on two counts. First, the one receiving the revelation may have misunderstood. Second, the one writing down the revelation may make an error. Sacred Scripture is immune from both of these types of errors, but private revelation is not.

Therefore, if one finds small discrepancies, or awkwardly worded statements, or things that are unclear, one cannot thereby conclude that the claim to private revelation is false. True private revelation is not the same as infallible Sacred Scripture. Beware of attacks by supposedly pious persons against true private revelations.

Many true private revelations, even some to Saints and Blesseds e.

Ron Conte :

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich , even some approved by the Church e. La Salette , even some that are widely-accepted e. Medjugorje, Fr. Gobbi , have their detractors, who exaggerate and distort in order to attack the veracity of these revelations. Beware of such false claims.

Beware of attacks against the persons receiving the private revelations. Often, true private revelations are attacked by pointing out the faults, or by making false accusations, against the person who claimed to receive them. Even with claims of private revelation that turn out to be false, this is generally not the way to determine their veracity, or lack thereof. God does give true private revelation even to persons who are not Saints. Although Maximin became a priest, his life was filled with difficulties and failures. He has not been canonized.

He was basically a good Catholic, but not a Saint. Melanie faired somewhat better in her life, but neither has she been canonized. Sometimes God gives truth to persons who are not Saints, but just fairly ordinary members of the faithful. True private revelations tend not to exalt the one receiving them. Even when veritable Saints received private revelations from God, the revelation was not for the purpose of telling that Saint how holy or how important they are.

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Many false private revelations exalt the one receiving the messages. True private revelations have purpose, and they often show knowledge of the future. False private revelations can often be recognized by the fact that the revelation talks about the future and yet shows no understanding or knowledge of future events at all. God knows the whole future with absolute certainty; He knows all our future prayers and free will decisions. The future is a certainty to God and to those who dwell with God in Heaven. Approval or Disapproval of the local Bishop.

Sometimes Bishops make mistakes. There have been instances where a Bishop disapproved of a claimed private revelation, and a subsequent Bishop in that diocese later gave approval e. Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam, one of the most dangerous false claims of private revelation. Clearly, a local Bishop can make a mistake in giving approval or disapproval for a claimed private revelation.

The decision of the local Bishop in approving or disapproving of a claimed private revelation should not be considered the only criteria, nor should it be considered to close the matter. My own evaluations of true and false private revelation are also fallible. For example, I initially put the private revelations to Dr. Gianna Talone-Sullivan in the false category, because I believed some false claims made about the contents of the messages.

Later, when someone asked me to give an explanation as to why it was false, I went through the messages and found that the claims made against her messages are false.

Now I have placed her claim to private revelation in the reliable and trustworthy list. And now I am more careful in evaluating such claims to private revelation. Time will tell. Eventually, it will become clear to the mind of the faithful, which are true and which are false. The permanent sign, spoken of in some private revelations, will be placed by God throughout the world in the many locations that have received true private revelations.

This will be one way that false claims of private revelation will be discredited. The false prophets will be recognized by means of the prayers and sacrifices of the faithful. They and their false messages will be discarded by the faithful. Some Criteria for Recognizing False Private Revelations After reading many claimed messages by persons who allege to have received private revelations, I can report a number of similarities in ones that are clearly false.

Any particular false private revelation might not have all of these characteristics, but they often have more than one or two.

Re: CoRedemptrix=CoRedeemer?

Exaltation of the Seer The messages of false private revelation often exalt the person receiving the messages the so-called seer or visionary and those associated with the seer. Often the seer is given a special name. For example, they may claim that the seer is very holy, or is suffering for the benefit of the whole world Marisa Rossi, Italy , or is the woman to whom God the Father has revealed more than to any man Eileen George of Millbury, Massachusetts , and so on. See the associated list for more examples.

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Sometimes these false messages are exalted by taking upon themselves a name, similar to the above examples of nicknames for seers, but names that refer to the visions or messages. Even a Saint, when receiving such private revelations, is not given an exalting nickname, nor are they given messages to tell the world how very great they are. Frequent Reference to Evil The messages of false private revelation often contain frequent mention of Satan, under various terms, and of evil.

Often these messages, in the parts that mention evil, read like a boast about how much power evil has and how much harm it has done. False claims about the future These messages often have descriptions of future events that are contrary to Scripture, or contrary to the understanding of the future found in Catholic writings, including those by Saints and Blesseds, in the history of the Church.

Bridget, p. Since Heaven is beyond Time, no one can ascend or be assumed into Heaven in body and soul, other than Christ and Mary, until after the general Resurrection, when God makes a new Heaven and a new Earth. There are many claimed private revelations that make clearly false statements about the future.

For example, one popular theme is to claim that the Antichrist will become the Pope. In truth, the Antichrist never even wants to be Pope, because what he wants is to be worshiped as if he were God. The role of Pope is a lowly and humble office, to which no self-exalting dictator or tyrant would aspire.

Another common false claim about the future is that the Antichrist is in the world today, or that Christ will return in this generation, or that the Second Pentecost will occur for this generation - each of which claim is false. When in the fullness of time the Virgin entered the world, God the Father watched over her with bliss continuously.