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Opens March No one shrinks a gargantuan room quite like Taylor Swift , who for more than a decade has found increasingly ornate mechanisms to telegraph intimacy. But Ms. Whether Ms. A stadium stage is a challenging place to ask for sympathy, but Ms. Swift embarks on this tour from an unfamiliar vantage point: with no songs in or near the top of the Billboard Hot Though Ms. For more than a decade, it seemed to be a given that Ms. Swift could only get bigger, and should. Hiccups were inevitable, though — for the first time, Ms.

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Big Emotions, Bigger Stage. Condemnation, praise and litigation have ensued. Meanwhile, preparations continue — including, Lorde has posted on Twitter, building a cardboard model of the stage on her kitchen table — for the latest version of her tour, with dancers, costumes, video and full arena trappings; it begins March 1 in Milwaukee and reaches the New York City area with shows April 4 in Brooklyn and April 6 in Newark. Lorde is applying herself to the paradox of building mass entertainment out of songs that wrangle with solitude, self-doubt, betrayal, disillusionment and post-party depression, with music that can embrace big pop bangers or turn morosely inward.

Crossing Genres and Eras. Retro and modern, torch singing and alternative rock all get time-warped together in the music of Mon Laferte, a Chilean singer and songwriter based in Mexico who has become a star across Latin America. Laferte usually sings about fiery romance, with all its ecstasies and disasters, and on her albums the settings have reached back to folklore and s rock as often as they have harnessed synthesizers and loud guitars.

Her voice can be a girlish tease or a grunge scream, with its volatility matched by Ms. How many of her facets can she fit into an opening set? Her songs look at restless travels along with the details of everyday life, in roots-rock with a nimbus of psychedelia. Rolling Loud — which has rapidly become the most essential annual hip-hop festival — was the fire-hot center of the SoundCloud rap explosion last year. This year it aims bigger, with the headliners J. Miranda Lambert is one of the feistiest and most accomplished live performers in country music.

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The Contrasting Gifts of Jerome Robbins. No committed dancegoer should live without knowing these works. No lover of New York culture either: He made them all in and for this city. But this is what a centenary season should do: Brush the dust of some lesser-known works and give us the chance to reassess them and their maker. Yet dancers love it; and many have made breakthroughs in it. One of the most formally organized of all his creations, it enlarges our knowledge of this versatile artist.

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Robb 2 J. Kenner 2 J. Tyler 3 J. E Taylor 1 J. K Beck 1 J.

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Ward 4 J. A Witt 1 L. Witt 2 L. Simmons 1 L. Leighton 1 M. Limoges 2 M. O'Keefe 1 M. Pierce 1 M. Stacie 1 M. Rose 1 M. Eidem 1 M. Ryan 2 R. The missionaries sent out there are almost everyone mean, vicious, weak, immoral, useless men. With this book, Grey completed the most productive period of his writing career, having laid out most major themes, character types, and settings. His Wanderer of the Wasteland is a thinly disguised autobiography.

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Several of his later writings e. Rangle River were based in Australia. Grey co-founded the "Porpoise Club" with his friend, Robert H. Davis of Munsey's Magazine , to popularize the sport of hunting of dolphins and porpoises. They made their first catch off Seabright, New Jersey on September 21, , where they harpooned and reeled in a bottlenose dolphin.

Grey's son Loren claims in the introduction to Tales of Tahitian Waters that Zane Grey fished on average days a year through his adult life. Grey and his brother R.

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Zane Grey was its president from to He pioneered the fishing of Boohoo fish sailfish. Zane Grey Creek was named for him.


Grey indulged his interest in fishing with visits to Australia and New Zealand. He first visited New Zealand in and caught several large fish of great variety, including a mako shark , a ferocious fighter which presented a new challenge. Grey established a base at Otehei Bay, Urupukapuka Island in the Bay of Islands , which became a destination for the rich and famous. He wrote many articles in international sporting magazines highlighting the uniqueness of New Zealand fishing, which has produced heavy-tackle world records for the major billfish , striped marlin , black marlin, blue marlin and broadbill.

He held numerous world records during this time [64] and invented the teaser, a hookless bait that is still used today to attract fish. Grey made three additional fishing trips to New Zealand. The second was January to April , the third December to March , and the last from December to February Grey fished out of Wedgeport, Nova Scotia , for many summers. Grey also helped establish deep-sea sport fishing in New South Wales , Australia, particularly in Bermagui , which is famous for marlin fishing.

Patron of the Bermagui Sport Fishing Association for and , Grey set a number of world records, [65] [66] [67] and wrote of his experiences in his book An American Angler in Australia. From on, Grey was a frequent visitor to Tahiti. He fished the surrounding waters several months at a time and maintained a permanent fishing camp at Vairao. He claimed that these were the most difficult waters he had ever fished, but from these waters he also took some of his most important records, such as the first marlin over 1, pounds.

Zane Grey died of heart failure on October 23, , at his home in Altadena, California. Grey became one of the first millionaire authors. Zane Grey was a major force in shaping the myths of the Old West; his books and stories were adapted into other media, such as film and TV productions.

Grey wrote not only Westerns, but two hunting books, six children's books, three baseball books, and eight fishing books. It is estimated that he wrote more than nine million words in his career. There were other Western writers who had fast and furious action, but Zane Grey was the one who could make the action not only convincing but inevitable, and somehow you got the impression that the bigness of the country generated a bigness of character.

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Grey was President Dwight D.