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Of these buildings, 17 are certified internationally while 48, which benefit from energy auditing, are included in class A…. It was only in January this year that the PV solution and service provider had announced its entry into the market in the Eastern European country with a 2. Chevron gets permit to look for shale gas in Romania — AU. News US oil giant Chevron obtained permits to explore for shale gas on Romania's Black Sea coast, the Environment Ministry said Wednesday, despite controversy about risks of the technique known as fracking….

Romanian natural gas trading platform launch delayed again — ICIS The launch of a natural gas trading platform in Romania has been delayed again and is now expected to go live within three to four months, according to the country's energy regulator ANRE….

Policy changes could help boost biogas production — Farm News Livestock produces a lot of waste. But that doesn't stop us from exploring other promising oil opportunities further afield.

I recently traveled to Albania to check out a drill site…. INTERVIEW-Albania to auction 13 blocks for oil exploration — Reuters Albania plans to auction off 13 oil exploration blocks, including one offshore, to oil majors and other foreign companies after a significant discovery has attracted strong interest, a government minister said…. Albania is mulling over whether to restructure state oil company — Balkans Albania plans to auction off 13 oil exploration blocks, including one offshore, to oil majors and other foreign companies after a significant discovery has attracted strong interest, a government minister said….

The Polish project for an energy union envisages the creation of a single European body that would buy gas for the whole nation bloc and the establishment of "solidarity mechanisms" through which EU countries will help Member States threatened with gas cutoffs…. Bulgaria seeks financial consultant for 7th power unit — Focus The project company that will build the 7th power unit of Kozloduy NPP is seeking a financial consultant for the project, Politika weekly reports.

Pipelineistan Goes Af-Pak

This transpired from the website of Kozloduy NPP…. The main auditing body has also found out "no adequate control" is being applied in the electricity and natural gas sectors, according to the website Investor. Growth is projected to broaden and increase gradually to 1. The total capacity of the plant will be 5 MW and will produce enough electricity to power 2, JPESR] said on Wednesday it has received a total of 12 prequalifying applications in the tender for the construction of the 20 megawatt MW Vranduk hydro power plant….

Perfect for Solar Cells — GreenFudge Solar cells are one of the methods by which we can contribute to better environmental protection. They are a renewable energy source that has great potential as a global alternative to fossil fuels, which are among the other things responsible for global warming or climate change….

How to Keep the Russian Bear Out of Ukraine’s Energy Sector

An energy defence policy for Europe — Energy Biz n January , households across Southeastern Europe were plunged into freezing cold. At the height of a long-running dispute with Ukraine over unpaid energy bills, Russia cut off natural gas flow to the country's transit pipelines. PREN] soared to 4. Chevron starts Romania shale exploration drilling — Reuters U. S energy major Chevron has begun drilling for shale gas at its exploration well site in eastern Romania, the company said on Tuesday….

Chevron starts exploration for shale gas in Romania — The West Australian US energy major Chevron said Tuesday it has started drilling its first exploration well for shale gas in Romania despite fierce opposition from local residents…. Chevron starts drilling for shale gas in Romania — Romania-Insider Oil and gas company Chevron has started exploring for shale gas in the Romanian village of Pungesti, months after facing disapproval from villagers and Romania environmental activists, some of which even turned violent on the site….

Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, Pipelineistan Goes Af-Pak | TomDispatch

Free download. Stronksi also points out that Russia and Russian companies are prone to announcing big deals that may or may not bear fruit, little more than PR for domestic consumption. Aside from strengthening energy ties with Saudi, Russia has also positioned itself in Iran, Turkey, and Syria — and the war-torn country is proving to be an interesting investment for the federation.

Despite saying it would work with the United States, Russia is focusing on working with Iran and Turkey on Syria's future.

FULL STORY: The Just Energy Hustle

But Russian involvement, said Heras, has implications far beyond the scope of the agreement — for Iran, Israel, and the United States. Its military assets the Khmeimim air base near Latakia and its naval base off the coast of Tartus allow Russia to carry out expeditionary warfare throughout the eastern Mediterranean and the broader Middle East, and it also has a presence in energy extraction in Syria.

It may seem like Putin is packing up in Syria, but Russia will keep a base there, and look to expand its influence in Egypt and Libya. But how can Russia keep Iran happy? Russia is allowing Israel to strike at Iranian military positions in Syria. In exchange, Russia has offered Iran energy deals. Russia took a big hit with the ouster of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Its energy companies had also invested in oil and gas exploration, contracts that burned in the fires of the revolution. General Khalifa Haftar — who has increasingly stronger ties with Russia — has been fighting the Tripoli-based government for control of the fields.

So the Russians are smart and they play all sides of the Libyan war. Contact Us. Putin speech was less about Russian weapons and more about Trump Putin may be testing out aggressive messaging to see how President Trump responds.