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This unique work is an article-by-article drafting history of the ICC Statute containing all versions of every article in the Statute as it evolved from to It also integrates in the Statute's provisions the "Elements of the Crimes" and the "Rules of Procedure and Evidence" adopted by the preparatory Commission Other relevant documents are also included, such as those concerning the privileges and immunities and financial regulations of the Court, as well as its relationship with the United Nations.

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This documentation constitutes the most comprehensive treatment available of the ICC's applicable law. It also offers an insightful first-hand account of the drafting process both prior to and during the Rome Diplomatic Conference, along with a detailed historical survey of the efforts to establish the ICC. Each article of the Rome Statute is presented chronologically, along with all its prior versions.

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These versions comprise the texts transmitted between the Drafting Committee and the Committee of the Whole at the Rome Diplomatic Conference; the text proposed by the Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of an ICC; the text completed by the Intersessional meeting in Zutphen; the text proposed by the Ad Hoc Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court; the text proposed by the International Law Commission in It also contains government proposals made during the sessions of the Ad Hoc and Preparatory Committees, most of which have not been made public documents.

This organization of the legislative history permits the reader to see the complete textual evolution of each article. A description of the ICC mechanisms and institutions precedes this article-by-article legislative history. Government officials, judges, practitioners, and scholars seeking to interpret and understand the ICC Statute will find this three-volume publication unmatched for completeness and ease of use.

Genocide, war crimes and the West: History and complicity

Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint. Organized Crime in the Netherlands. Authors: Cyrille J. Nowadays organized crime is a very important political issue in Europe. However, scientific studies on the nature and seriousness of this problem are very scarce in the member states of the Council of Europe and the European Union. This national study on organized crime in the Netherlands was prepared for the Commission of Inquiry of the Dutch Parliament that recently made an investigation into the regulation and use of undercover policing.

It not only contains an analysis of the contemporary manifestations of traditional organized crime, but also answers the question whether organized crime already has penetrated legitimate sectors of the economy or not. In addition special attention is paid to the role of the liberal professions and the banking system; and to the use of counter-strategies by criminal groups corruption, intimidation, violence, disinformation, etc.

Author: Peter J. The Dutch criminal justice system has, for some time, been famous for its mildness.

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This mildness, which has been reflected for example in a strikingly low prison rate has both impressed and shocked foreign criminal law scholars and criminal justice officials. This traditional mildness is now at stake.

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Crime has increased considerably and so has the prison rate. Major changes have taken place in Dutch society, and these require a new criminal justice policy. In the Minister of Justice submitted to the Parliament a new policy plan called Society and Crime, and a policy plan called Law in Motion was published in In case studies and thematic essays, the authors offer a variety of answers and raise important new questions about democracy, foreign policy, and international law, uncovering the complexity along with the complicity in the Wests relationships and approaches to genocide and war crimes.

It tells the story of what the First World - the Western democracies, most prominently the United States -- have done mainly against countries and peoples in the South and in the former socialist world. It is a history of aggression, indiscriminate bombing, war crimes, and massacres since the s, the story of Western complicity in genocide in the South and East, and worse, it is about genocide committed by these democracies themselves.

This path-breaking book fills a huge void; it carefully accounts for serious crimes that others have shamefully avoided, omitted or denied. A revealing compendium of studies regarding the crimes against humanity committed by Western democracies.

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This book should give citizens a better sense of those parts of our history that remain largely unexamined and untaught. Reviews Schrijf een review. Kies je bindwijze. Verkoop door bol.

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