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He has affected their lives in the worst possible ways, yet they have always managed to take what he threw at them and turn it around.

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They have discovered who Sanheim is manipulating and stopped them. Now Kate and Quinn with the assistance of their close friends will stop this otherworldly monster once and for all! The Sanheim Chronicles need to be read in order. This is not a series where the books will work as stand-alones or could possibly be read out of order. In fact I highly recommend just purchasing all three at once and hide away for a couple of days so that you can devour them all at once.

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Shelves: horror. For those of you who enjoyed the first two books; this one will not disappoint and might even end up as your favorite book of the series. It was a great end to the trilogy and many questions were answered. I thoroughly enjoyed it and yes I ended up staying up much longer than i should have reading this book but it was so worth it.

It was definitely my favorite book of the series and I am so glad that we finally got to see the "real" Lord Sanheim. I am not going to say more as I don't want to rui For those of you who enjoyed the first two books; this one will not disappoint and might even end up as your favorite book of the series. I am not going to say more as I don't want to ruin the story for those who have not yet had the pleasure of reading this one. You should definitely read this book if you're a fan of the series or Halloween in general; it will make you read the other 2 if you have not already done so.

I've really enjoyed this book. Nothing like battling wits with the author and finding he or she has broken the general way these sorts of books are written. Two characters in the book especially were great "red-herrings" to me; I won't tell you which I've really enjoyed this book. Two characters in the book especially were great "red-herrings" to me; I won't tell you which ones because I want you to enjoy the same ride I've enjoyed.

This book and the two previous in the series are well worth the time to read them but I think you'll find it doesn't take you that long to get through them simply because they're hard to put down. This book had an entire story arch featuring "Hell". And it was great to have all the characters, again.

The ending didn't try too hard to be some weird twist. A clever reader would be able to uncover some of the mystery behind Sandheim. I, however, did not piece it together, but was pleasantly surprised. A great finish to the series. Loved it!!

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I finished reading Give the Devil His Due and it was an awesome read. I am so happy with it and the ending was great.

Quinn and Kate save the worlds, both above and below and are together again. Though a little sad now that the journey has to end : I really enjoyed reading these three books. Thank you Mr. What an amazing journey! I loved this series and I'm sad it's over. Amazing characters, vivid details, unforeseen surprises, and loads of action.

I would certainly recommend this trilogy to a friend. Excellent read! This was the best in the series! Read the first 2 if you haven't already, because I highly recommend it!

Loved it! Loved how all questions were answered. Especially loved the Star Wars and other movie references!! A great ending for a fantastic series! May 26, Tere Fredericks rated it it was amazing. Blackwell for participating in the Kindle Unlimited program as it has allowed me to complete this Chronicles trilogy which has held me in its grip with its thrilling, chilling, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable storyline.

We begin the rest of the journey with some of the characters from the first two books, both dead and alive, shuffled in their place in the series. Friends are foes, enemies are allies. Best of all are the wonderful bursts of lightness and humor juxtaposed with the neverending chills of the horror of the Princes of Sanheim. The time has come. Quinn is gone, Kate's crazy, every ally save one is dead. Every Prince of Sanheim has lost their regard for life when they become. Now is the time to change all of Sanheim's plans. Love must conquer hate, betrayal rewarded by trust.

Grief replaced by joy.

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  • On Halloween one of the most epic battles ever written is on! The survival of not just our world, but also all the others in the vastness of time and space depends on the victor. To say this is a theme park roller-coaster of mind blowing thrills is not giving it enough credit. And the end will blow your mind—not at all what you expect. May 11, Lorraine rated it it was amazing. A total Nonstop read! The books in this series are full of incredible events, that will leave you wanting more! Give the Devil His Due, is full of such details, that you almost feel that you are right there in the story.

    Jan 22, Ina De Kock rated it really liked it. This trilogy surprised me. I really loved the story! I will definitely reread this series again. Dec 02, Jeanne rated it really liked it. Terrifically interesting, funny yet believable. All the characters are inviting in their world of the con.

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    Likable and keeps you guessing. Petr decides to help Janek to get his powers back. He manages to get him a new Wolf's tail. They escape army and abduct Dorota and drag her to the hell.

    Giving the Devil His Due

    Petr works in hell and Lucipher eventually decides to release him and fulfill him three wishes. Petr wishes a magic coat that allows him to find a golden ducat everytime he slips into pocket, release for his Grandmother and corporal being taken to hell. Lucipher agrees but also wants Governor Petr and Jan to take Governor along with corporal.