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She seriously thought he was only interested in having sex with her because she was basically available?

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Stupid Question So Dylan tells Laura that he has a 24 the following day or something along those lines. How does she not know what that means? I mean, she seems smart, I guess.

I don't know any firefighters personally, but even I knew what he was talking about. Laura is in the shower. How did Dylan and Mike end up together? As far as I know, that was never explained. Technically, only when the three of them Dylan, Mike and Jill were explained.

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When Laura finds out that Dylan had 'googled her', what exactly was the big deal with that? Just the way the author wrote it, trying to make it sound like something really personal or something, stupid.

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Yes, I can't think of all the times I've described food as being 'luscious'. Especially when it's fish. Does she startle that easily? I didn't like the fact that Laura didn't even bother talking to Dylan afterwards. She just automatically blocked him from everything? That was just stupid.

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We know from the ending of Part 1, that she had to get up early for work. After work? You wanna do lunch And who wants to go hiking right after they get off work? I would love for the author to draw a picture of what Laura would look like. I mean she basically meets 2 different guys online, date both in basically the same day, and both are getting raging hard -ons for her I don't get it. The weird part was her and Mike had been talking, making plans. Suddenly, she's going to shower and masturbate and whatnot. But then, she's on the computer talking to Mike again, saying what was already said before the shower.

I swear if in the rest of the 2nd story, her and Mike end up making out or having sex while they're hiking Dec 16, carol rated it liked it Shelves: menage , sex , billionaire , bbw , comedy , freebie , contemporary-womens , erotica , series. This is start of a series, and one of billionaires that initially hits my 'no' button.

Yet, a short was what I had time for. What I didn't expect was empathy for characters, initially Laura, but then as you get to know the guys past you feel for all of them Seems to have a storyline too beginning to unfold The earthiness and humour I loved and this has me wanting to read more of these characters and of friend Josie who has her own story too.

Language and descriptions are vi This is start of a series, and one of billionaires that initially hits my 'no' button. Language and descriptions are vivid and bawdy and earthy It was a good three stars. Jun 26, Fiordiligii rated it it was ok Shelves: erotic-romance , , mr-moneybags , menage , contemporary.

Considering some serious spelling mistakes and the rather unimaginative and generic plot, the story's first two instalments turned out ok but underwhelming. Double penetrating a woman with zero anal sex experience and only using two fingers and a splash of lube to prepare her is, well, hurtful to say the least and not at all realistic.

May 13, Michelle rated it it was ok. Throw in a billionaire who is really just a blue collar guy who recently inherited the money? Double bonus for me. I was very excited about the premise of this story but unfortunately it fell a little flat for me. There was no conflict resolution by the end and it leaves the reader wanting more. I have no issues with serials but I wish I knew prior to reading that there would be more coming.

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Also, it felt like some things were skipped over. How did they get that way? Feb 04, Beate rated it liked it Shelves: erotica , romance.

This is another series of incredibly short stories that would serve the reader better by being put in one book. Laura was all right up to the point where she bolted and blocked Dylan from being able to talk to her. I didn't like how she jumped to conclusions and ran away. If she were a real tough cookie, she would have confronted him about the issue. Seeing how short this story is, I never really got to dig into it and really don't feel one way or the other about any of the characters just yet. Nov 06, R.

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This was a pretty good little short story erotica I liked Laura because she was real Nov 17, Angela rated it it was ok. Disappointed: Unfortunately, this book not , was included in a boxed set of romances about billionaires. This is not a complete book, it is only a teaser to introduce the reader to yet another boxed set about billionaires. This story is so predictable that I will not be reading the rest.

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I see yet another menage relationship in these character's futures. May 31, Sadie Grubor rated it liked it. This story line is unique and well written. If this had been perhaps 3 smaller works at a more reasonable price, then I would be able to get behind this tale a bit more. Jun 16, Kirsty added it Shelves: cheap-and-nasty-kindle-books , gave-up-on-it. I really tried, but something was just missing for me View 1 comment. Jul 15, Denise rated it really liked it. It was a very light and enjoyable read start and finished with in hour cant wait to see what happens going on to the next one.

Jun 17, Tracy rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Everyone. Shelves: favorites , love-storys.

Julia, What terrific book, I like the Characters Laura expectantly the story line goes so well with the characters too! Thanks for a great day of reading.. Mar 14, Gabby rated it liked it Shelves: erotica-romance , series , , botb Jan 12, Jennmc75 rated it really liked it. This was a good quick read that left me wanting more :.

Oct 18, Mya rated it liked it. I dnt hate it but I just dnt no about it. Sep 11, Brittney rated it it was ok. I really expected more out of this story. Need more consistency, more details, better images Jan 21, Melanie rated it liked it. Her Billionaires by Julia Kent. This had a lot of potential, but I ended up despising the leading lady. I just found that it was too long with too much internal dialogue that could have been cut out had the HEA come sooner than it did.

Nov 30, Amber Boyd rated it really liked it. I related to Laura in so many ways. Too bad no one like Dylan ever connected with me. Looking forward to more as the first was not enough. Jul 07, Pauline Passionate About Books rated it really liked it. Model and firefighter? YES, Please!!! Overwhelmed by their desire to control their world, they push their heroines to explore their deepest desires. Nero de Santis: Damaged. First comes love.