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Five Ways to Incorporate Sound Therapy into Your Spa Menu – Eastern Vibration

Perhaps singing bowls used to be made of a 7-metal alloy but scientific testing of modern singing bowls has proved conclusively that this is no longer the case. And there is no value in having a 7-metal combination anyway because the best quality bells are made of bronze copper and tin. Concerning space clearing, I have experimented in depth over many years with different tingsha cymbals and Tibetan ganta bells with dorje and have never found any that were effective for this purpose. They do not have the ability to shatter etheric debris and astral imprints in the way that Balinese bells do, or to harmonize energies as top quality Balinese practitioner bells can do.

I appreciate your many years of expertise but unless you have witnessed first-hand a space clearing conducted by me or one of the practitioners I have trained, it would be impossible for you to know how utterly different Balinese bells are or even the extraordinary changes that space clearing can actually bring about. Looks like a matter of opinion.

I beg to differ from yours- respect the work you do, but do not agree. I could say the same about the work I do.. Best to just respect one anothers work and leave it at that. Yep, it looks like we agree to disagree. I attended a class at a yoga center using singing bowls. The instructor called is sound treatment. I was very surprised at the relaxing affect.

The bowls had different pitches and length of sounds, and the instructor could change the volume.


Until I experienced the sheer physics of sound in space, I would not have believed it could be unique. Kind of like someone whose never been told a joke and experienced the beautiful release of laughter!!! And I can definitely see how people could overdo. Moderation and variety in life is a good thing. The example you have given helps to show the difference between singing bowls and bells.

The sound of singing bowls can facilitate relaxation and opening whereas the effect of space clearing bells is always revitalizing and awakening. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle navigation. Why singing bowls are not designed to do space clearing Written by Karen Kingston January 5, So what are singing bowls good for? Restoring integrity to a space Verticalization is an important principle in spiritual work because it is through this that integrity is restored to spaces. About Karen Kingston Karen Kingston is the world's leading authority on space clearing and a leading expert in clutter clearing.

Her first book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui , has sold over one million copies in 16 languages, and her second book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui , has sold over two million copies in 26 languages.

Singing Bowls, Cymbals & Tibetan Bowl Accessories

This entry was posted in Space clearing myths. Today, singing bowls are most often used as meditation aids. However, anyone can benefit from the relaxing, soothing effects of the sounds produced. Many people are also mysteriously drawn to the sounds and find them fascinating regardless of their spiritual faith. Cast in five metals with a strong high pitched note. Comes complete with a wooden strummer.

However, the use of bells, symbols and similar instruments in meditative practices is common, and it is probable that However, the use of bells, symbols and similar instruments in meditative practices is common, and it is probable Traditional-style singing bowl made from brass.

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The bowl is hand finished with the seven chakra symbols. Comes complete with box, striker and stand.

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Weighs 1. This bowl is traditionally made then acid etched to create the design Superb resonance. Steep sided Etched Singing Bowl 13cm diameter. Made with a five metal alloy. This experience brought together his spiritual aspirations as well as healing, and communion with nature. In Liquid Bells he shares this universal sound as a means to pull us into a state of relaxation and mental calm.

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  4. Every sound in this album originates from twenty Tibetan bowls, gong. Tingsha, Idi seed rattle or cricket, using a variety of strikers, bowing them with a violin bow, and other unique techniques. The album is the finest of Tibetan bells we have heard, highly recommended. My parents bought me a piano soon thereafter.

    Liquid Bells Singing Bowls

    As I started to play piano I fell in love with the sounds of certain intervals and chords. They would fascinate me. I thought it was the greatest thing. Somehow it filled me emotionally. When I was 25 years old I went inside a spiritual bookstore and saw a record album on the wall that had a very beautiful 18th Century Tibetan thangka for its cover.

    I still have that album in perfect condition. When I played that record, it was the most intriguing sound I ever heard.

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    6. It sounded like the language of the Universe. Keep getting slower and slower until you are still and in that seeming emptiness you will experience utter fullness…sound can help us get there. In The Yoga of Sound Russill Paul states this idea, "The deeper we journey into ourselves using sound, the slower our brain waves become.

      The paradox is that instead of becoming dead to the world as our brain waves slow down, we awaken! I view power in this sense as personal power, meaning power that comes from within. Its attributes would include patience, calmness, a knowingness, a completely centered way of standing in the world.

      No leaning in to anything or anybody. This power can manifest with silent intention or with clear, non-reactive, non-judgmental spoken words. It is, I believe, the power that is inherent in most martial arts, which also includes the power of giving way as in Akido, and the power of empathy, which comes from the heart. In the absence of true power we use force in moving through this world.

      Force comes from external authority, or sheer physical strength or weaponry. Underneath force lies the fear that unless I sufficiently push, I may lose. Its attributes are false security, ego needs, a misguided masculinity, a fundamental mistrust. I am always intending to be in a place of personal power. I remember exploring this concept early in my life reading the books of Carlos Castaneda and later in my life spending some time in Peru with a native medicine man.

      I do not always succeed. Sometimes I am reactive and judgmental and this does not lead to feeling powerful, but rather just shows me my fears and insecurities. Many times I do experience a sense of power that makes me feel connected to a flow. Unforeseen and wonderful synchronicities occur and nothing could be better. Well, this is how I hope it is for me. We all just try to be empty and let it come through. It is intuition. It is listening very carefully to all the overtones, feeling the vibration, the pulsation.

      In Kashmir Shaivism, Spanda is a Sanskrit term meaning the pulsation of consciousness or the inner universal vibration of consciousness.

      Space clearing Sounds, Singing Bowls, Bells and Burning Sage

      When I play I let the sound come out by giving it space. I want to hit each bowl just right. Touch is very important in playing bowls, just as with any instrument. It all comes down to feeling, our feelings deep inside our heart. When we play Tibetan singing bowls we are doing the same thing. We are expressing the deepest feelings in our soul and these bowls were made expressly for allowing us to experience deep spiritual vibrations.

      It is very easy for anyone to get some beautiful sacred sound out of a singing bowl. Can you offer any advice to those aspiring in the fields of creativity as to how they should better connect to the Divine creator within? One important aspect is to be confident that you can and will connect. This, of course, comes with experiences of it happening for you. One should create with a sense of complete freedom, accepting that no rules apply. Get connected to your own feelings and emotions and express them.

      Let it be a release in your body so that you feel good in creating. Be thankful when it does happen. After all, I believe, it is a gift to be inspired, even just for moments.