Wearing the Cape: The Beginning

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Sam encounters Aaron, a Jewish songwriter visiting the forest for inspiration and sings him a song. He tells Sam it is close to Passover. Matt spends the week with Sam. Matt is thrilled to be there, but Sam is sad. It reminds him too much of life in New York City. Bando returns to check on Sam. Sam asks Bando for some jeans and a shirt. In June, Sam's father, mother, and all his siblings arrive.

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Father announces the entire family is moving to the farm. Sam is overjoyed the family has come.

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He is also upset. It is the end of independence, living off the land. Sam's father begins building a proper house for the family on the land. Sam is upset about the traditional home; it means abandoning the treehouse. His mother reprimands him, saying he can go off on his own at age 18, reassuring Sam of his own independence. My Side of the Mountain won critical plaudits upon its release. Numerous reviewers praised the novel for its detailed depiction of the wilderness and animals, its unsentimental treatment of animals and nature, and its characters, their maturation, and development.

Stone Center for Children's Books Award. The book continued to be praised in the s and s. Book critic Eden Ross Lipson included it in her list of the best children's books, and said it "skillfully blends themes of nature, courage, curiosity, and independence".

The book has not always won uncritical praise.

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In , reviewer Mary Harris Russell noted that "the narrator, Sam, speaks with a tone more measured than that of most teenagers. That tone grates on some readers. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A film adaptation directed by James B. Clark was released by Paramount Pictures in A sequel written and illustrated by George was published in , more than three decades after the original. Over the next 16 years there were three more sequels, a third novel illustrated by George and two picture books illustrated by Daniel San Souci. All the sequels were published by Dutton Children's Books , an imprint of Penguin Books since its acquisition of the original publisher E.

The three novels were issued in an omnibus edition that retains the original pagination, about pages in sum: My Side of the Mountain Trilogy According to a library summary: "This guide to the outdoors provides advice and instructions on camping, building shelters, finding water, and cooking outdoors. Some activities may require adult supervision. George and T. Luke George as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Children's literature portal.

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Main article: My Side of the Mountain film. The Washington Post. Washington, D. Retrieved 7 July Chicago: American Library Association, , p. The Continuum Encyclopedia of Children's Literature. New York: Continuum , , p.

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Lost in the Woods

June 26, I crossed my arms. Suddenly I felt as if he could look past my clothes, right into that deep, hidden place. The place where I kept all those dark thoughts and memories no one was supposed to see. I fidgeted in my seat as he briefly closed his eyes, before turning around and walking toward the register.

As soon as his gaze left me, I exhaled and immediately felt ten pounds lighter. How had he done that to me? How had he made me feel so exposed and thrilled at the same time?

Before I could figure it out he was back, putting a glass filled with golden liquid in front of me. He was studying me with a spark in his blue eyes. Well, I thought. What the hell?


Why not? It was Saturday night and I was in a bar all by myself. I deserved a drink. I grabbed the glass, nodded at him, then downed the whole drink at once. Tears sprang to my eyes as the liquid burned my throat and I had to cough.

One of his eyebrows shot up and I could see the amusement in his eyes. He tilted his head slightly, looking at me with curiosity in his eyes as if I was a riddle he had trouble solving.

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She's Having Her Baby

A second later, his gaze cleared and he smiled. His smile widened and he turned around. A minute later, he put a new glass on the counter, filling it with the same golden liquid. But the first drink still burned pleasantly in my stomach and I raised the second glass, about to empty it just as quickly when I saw the look in his eyes. His eyes narrowed and a look of fierce concentration crossed his face, just before he put his hand on mine. A tingling sensation spread from my hand to my arm, just to take over the rest of my body.