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Alexis Smith. Jack Carson. Sig Arno. Peter Godfrey.

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Catherine Turney. Philip Barry. More information. Back to the top. Long time, No see 9. Just Keep Spinning A Creek Runs Through It The Shallow End Please Don't Go, Girl I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me Pale Shelter The One With the Housewarming Party You Know I'm A Dreamer. Galliard, Mrs. Porco, Fitness Instructor! Pieck, Dog Lover! Pieck, Aren't we all? He's able to lay low for a while, avoiding his friends and family to focus solely on picking up the pieces of his life.

Until he meets his eccentric neighbor, Pieck In the wake of tragedy, Porco moves into the Liberio Apartments to start anew. If there's one thing he learns from their relationship, it's that life is chock-full of the unexpected. I'm back with a new fic! And this time it's Pokkopikku!

I might regret writing this This is going to be a long one lol but the good news is I know how this ends so writer's block shouldn't be a hassle. Anyway, read, review, and enjoy! I'm dying to know what y'all think!!! His lifestyle thus far had been relatively nomadic. Maybe he just needed to be alone, and make some sort of effort to clear his head.

Only a few boxes remained unopened, idling in sedentary formations on the countertops of the small kitchenette. Porco had spent the last hour unpacking and positioning several fixtures to his liking. After stuffing the last of his clothes in a chestnut colored dresser, he decided to head out to the balcony for some fresh air. He supposed better views were reserved for the evening, after sunset.

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Should be clear skies by then. Peering out of the balcony from the apartment next door was a girl, clad in an oversized sweater and leggings. Her head was tilted up, arms resting atop the thin railings, and her line of sight was directed toward a park less than a few blocks away.

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  • But then he stopped himself from further speculation.