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Original Wraps. Toronto: Random House of Canada, This perpetual diary will be any gardener's most valued tool. In a week-at-a-glance format and with plenty of room to make notes and draw designs, The Canadian Gardener's Year becomes increasingly useful, year after year.

Gardening enthusiasts will want to record vital information such as: Temperatures;Lists and prices of plants purchases, and places where they were purchased;The what, where and when of planting;The blooming periods of plants. As every gardener knows, the garden is never dormant, and even the coldest months of the year are active times. With a mind to this country's rigorous weather conditions, Marjorie Harris informs gardeners from Victoria, British Columbia to Sackville, New Brunswick what needs to be done month by month.

The Canadian Gardener's Year will help gardeners across the country plan and maintain a beautiful, healthy garden. NOTE : The diary part of this book is unused, but the are a few discreet underlinings in the text p, bibligraphy index.. London: Macmillan, Volume II of a 2 volume set. In the tradition of the great botanical illustrations, each featured plant has been carefully photographed -- as a whole and in its parts -- against a white background to reveal the plant's physical characteristics in exacting detail.

Thorough introductory text encompasses numerous themes in botany, from the history of plant development to current DNA studies that are revolutionizing plant classification. Each volume includes a detailed index and bibliography. This is a large, heavy volume weighing 5. London: Macmillan, Volume I of a 2 volume set [Will NOT be sold seperately] reference work covers over 1, genera in outstanding colour photographs and authoritative, detailed text. Bridging the gap between scientific texts and everyday horticultural books, this guide provides an unrivalled insight into the relationships between garden plants and their environments, the history of plant development as studied through fossils , and the most up-to-date DNA studies, set to revolutionise classification.

It will become an indispensable aid to any aspiring gardener. Volume I: Trees, Shrubs and Climbers covers over genera of woody plants listed in botanical order. It starts with descendants of the Jurassic - tree ferns, ginko, conifers, through the earliest flowering plants, on to catkin-bearing and fruit trees, ending with maples and other advanced flowering plants.

The distinctive cordyline, palm, and bamboo families are treated separately. This is a large, heavy volume weighing almost 5 lbs p.. Exceptional copy. Laminated HC. Some of these plants are wild and some were deliberately introduced to Athens in classical times.

This booklet presents evidence for ancient horticulture in the Agora for example, structured antique gardens were uncovered around the Temple of Hephaistos. Its color plates also provide a useful guide to identifying modern Greek vegetation" 36p. Stapled in Paper Cover. With full colour photographs and growing information for over 1, tried and tested plants, this is the perfect pocket-sized guide for trips to the garden centre and nursery.

Learn how to propagate virtually every type of plant, from fruit trees and ornamental shrubs to exotic orchids and succulents.

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Packed with hundreds of step-by-step tutorials, this new edition of RHS Propagating Plants is your go-to guide for clear and instructive propagation advice. How long do your seedlings need to germinate? What makes a healthy stem cutting? How do you know what type of rootstock to use when grafting plants?

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Find all the answers within, alongside more than 1, detailed illustrations and photos to refer to, plus the experts' secrets to perfect plant propagation. Ideal for the thrifty gardener who wants plants for free, or who wants to gift favourite plant cuttings to friends and family; and useful for budding house plant owners with an interest in propagating succulents and other house plants.

Fill your garden with beautiful plants for next-to-nothing with this brand new edition of the most comprehensive guide to propagating plants ever published. The book starts with planning what to grow and where to grow it, whether that's an allotment, a series of containers, raised bed or veg patch, then how to get the best from your soil, and how to get started. Next, in season-by-season chapters, the book takes the reader from sowing to harvesting with simple, clear instructions that will help them stay on top of the challenges and joys of a productive garden.

From apples to asparagus, raspberries to radishes, this book will show how to apply age-old techniques to get the most from your plot. Spectacular Plants and how to grow them showcases the world's most bizarre and surprising plants.

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This book is aimed at capturing the imaginations of year olds, opening up the incredible world of weird and wonderful plants. From deadly insect-eating sundews to a begonia that resembles Darth Vader. Spectacular Plants and how to grow them shows children how to grow plants like stinky starfish flowers to startle their parents, or white strawberries and purple potatoes to surprise their friends. Most are easy, and all are fun and enthralling, to grow at home.

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Spectacular Plants and how to grow them is the must-have book for budding gardeners and naturalists. Bestselling author Kay Maguire and RHS Young Designer of the Year Tony Woods provide stylish design ideas, growing tips and advice to help readers turn even the tiniest outdoor space into a beautiful and life-affirming oasis. With 30 step-by-step projects, RHS Big Ideas, Small Spaces shows the urban gardener how to transform balconies, walls, windowsills, rooftops and the smallest of yards. Discover the best planting plans for your garden, with ideas for hanging planted screens, mobile gardens, balcony rail planters and potted shelves.

Learn the things you need to know to get your garden started, and how to overcome common problems, and ensure your garden, however small, is beautiful all year round. Let the RHS guide you through the surprisingly simple steps to creating a garden you can enjoy with your friends, and even show off to them. Are you surrounded by weeds? Is your lawn forlorn? Are the bushes deceased? Fear not!

With the expertise of the RHS, this book gives simple step by step instructions, with clear images to help you build your dream garden, no matter the size and scale. Take the pain out of planting, potting, and pruning and enjoy your precious patch of land. Botanists are the trailblazers who first discovered how plants work and collected from around the world many of the species that we find in our gardens today. This informative and beautiful guide presents the stories of 35 plant collectors and gardening pioneers of the past and present, including Joseph Banks, Asa Gray and Marianne North.

Arranged in chronological order, each profile covers one botanist, presenting their life story, discoveries and legacy, while special feature pages reveal their secrets, exploring the qualities that brought them success and showing what ordinary gardeners can learn from them. Illustrated with beautiful period botanical watercolours and vibrant photographs, RHS The Secrets of Great Botanists will provide inspiration and practical guidance for gardeners of all levels, from successful plant cultivation to adding interest to your garden.

RHS Latin for Gardeners is an informative, entertaining and beautifully illustrated unraveling of the mysteries of botanical Latin. Over 3, Latin names are listed alphabetically, showing how plant names can reveal where a plant originally comes from and thus its preferred growing conditions , along with such properties as its shape, form, colour, taste, and smell.

Each name is clearly defined and accompanied by a pronunciation guide, and the pages are filled with attractive botanical illustrations.

RHS Handbook: Propagation Techniques

Chasing the Rose by Robilant, Andrea di. The Australian Vegetable Garden Complete Roses Roses for Every Place in the G The Orchid Expert by Hessayon, D. From the Ground Up a Complete Guide for Romantic Language of Flowers -- Hardback Discovering Vegetables, Herbs and Spices Containers for Patios Simple Steps to Su Planting a Small Garden Simple Steps to The The Gardens of Dorset. Small Garden by Brookes, John.

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Small Space Big Ideas. Amazing Book of Mazes by Fisher, Adrian. Square Metre Gardening by Bartholomew, Mel. Seeds of Change An Illustrated History o