Wearing the Cape: The Beginning

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Or so it seems.

Are they just saying no to the sex or are they saying no to all of me? If your relationship lacks sex, the worst thing you can do is chase your partner, Nagoski explains. Chasing them will increase their stress and slam on their brake, she says. If you want to accelerate your sex life, you need to stop making sex the goal, Nagoski says. Instead, she says to focus on building intimacy. Agree that you and your partner will go for a certain period of time without having sex, she says.

Hugging and kissing may seem trivial, she says, but they are a great way to build intimacy. Couples who have a strong friendship should be able to do these exercises to rebuild intimacy, says Nagoski. If you and your partner find it difficult, Nagoski recommends seeing a therapist who can help. Want more tips like these? We need to challenge our beliefs.

How One Simple Phrase Can Transform Your Relationships

Weigh your thoughts against the evidence. If they crumble under scrutiny, then explore why you believe them in the first place. By challenging your thoughts, your mindset will begin to evolve. Consuming positive media daily will alter your perspective through osmosis. We all know that the best way to learn a new language is through immersion. If you hear this new language every day, it starts to stick and become easier to remember.

New mindsets are exactly the same; if you immerse yourself in personal growth content every day, it will change the language of your mind. Volunteering to help other people can make a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your view of the world. It makes sense that most of the mainstream media focuses on bad news, though, because tragedy sells.

Avoid the ‘chasing dynamic’

This is about looking at the possibilities and then doing something to make it happen. Never allow paralysis by analysis. You have the vision; go with it. A healthy body will support a healthy mind. During the most difficult time of my personal struggles, bad health was a major obstacle.

Chronic fatigue could wipe me out for whole days. Nonetheless, getting into action, changing my diet, and working out set the foundation for all other changes to take place. Slowly, my energy levels started to rise till the point that my health no longer was an issue. Look at how you sleep , what you eat, and your activity levels to identify anything that could be sapping your energy. Sometimes laziness is just fatigue.

Health & Fitness

The simple gesture of sending a thank you note can be empowering. Not only does it feel good, a thank you note creates goodwill in other people.

Thank you notes will also strengthen your relationships and connections, because people like to feel appreciated. Send a quick email or a card in the mail to let them know you appreciated it. Every morning I play personal growth videos or audio books. Keeping track of losses can help you improve, but dwelling on them will kill your motivation and momentum. Finish strong and it will be much easier to wake up feeling happy.


How Micro-Efforts Can Transform Your Relationship - In 5 Minutes A Day - Jonathan Van Viegen

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