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I was assigned afternoon duty the next day so [I] slept longer Sunday morning, but at approximately a. I looked out the porthole in my room and saw smoke pouring out of the Arizona. The next minute, our chief nurse burst into the room and told me to dress quickly and report to the quarterdeck for duty because the Japs were bombing us and casualties were arriving. More explosions followed, and then I saw planes flying low over our ship.

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I was dressed in a matter of minutes and ran down the stairs to the quarterdeck. The entrance to the ship is located on the quarterdeck, where the duty officer — Officer-of-the-Day is stationed. Casualties were coming aboard very fast and sent to the various wards as soon as their injuries were evaluated.

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I was then assigned to the Operating Room because that was my specialty and help was needed there. However, from that day I was assigned permanent duty in the operating room. That day, December 7th, everyone stayed on duty around the clock until all casualties were taken care of.

Sandwiches and coffee were provided and rest periods were taken but everyone stayed fully clothed and wore a life jacket. Occasionally, we could step outside for a bit of air but the ship was darkened and we could see planes flying overhead. We learned that the Japanese used the Solace as a shield — their pilots circled overhead while lining up their next target.

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There were about 4 groups of planes that came over the island and fired on our planes and ships. We had no idea how much damage was done to our ships until the next day. The attack was a complete surprise to all of us. However, we were able to obtain some local newspapers and they had all sorts of stories with pictures and maps showing locations of war supplies, homes of Japanese who lived among the native Hawaiians and guided the Japanese aviators by signals.

Some of [illegible] places were in the area where we hiked that Saturday afternoon.

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While we did not see any specific signs of preparations for war at the time, we began reflecting and soon convinced ourselves that we saw several suspicious things but paid no attention to them then. However, as time went on, we had to admit we let our imaginations run wild. We never went hiking after that. From that day, we were kept busy taking care of casualties and enjoyed going ashore every 4th day. We went swimming January 1st, the weather was ideal and we used the Royal Hawaiian hotel because the Navy took it over and used it as a rest and recreation hotel for members of the fleet.

The Pearl Harbor attack, as remembered by the nurses who were there

We were so thankful that the Japanese did not realize how they crippled us because they could have taken over the islands had they known the truth. It was heart breaking to see our proud battleships, the Arizona settled to the bottom as were several other battleships and cruisers, the Oklahoma completely turned over.

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Most of our planes at Hickam Field and at Schofield never got off the ground. But it did not take long to get the channel cleared and more ships and planes came from the mainland. We did not linger long in Samoa before we went on to Tonga. We had to cross the Equator to get to the South Pacific. We had the distinction of being the first Navy nurses to cross the line on a military ship. Those nurses who were assigned duty in Samoa travelled there on commercial vessels. The ceremony was conducted all day until all aboard were declared shellbacks; we often wondered if other countries did the same thing and wondered if the Japanese could see us if they followed us by submarine.

It was a fun day but everyone was alert to possible attack. Since we were unarmed as dictated by the Geneva rules of war, the Japanese did not harm us. We always travelled unescorted and fully lit up at night. We were able to transport approximately patients from the battle areas to hospital bases in New Zealand and the Figis. There were four other nurses from the U. Solace transferred with me to the newly opened hospital, which was the Norconian Hotel before that. My subsequent transfers took me to San Diego, Guam, St. When I entered the Navy, nurses had no specific rank but enjoyed the privileges of officers.

In , we received relative rank and in we were classified as Nurse Corps with the same rank and privileges as the other officers. I retired in Sept. The fate of pearl divers is also discussed sensitively.

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In the s, Venezuelan pearl divers impressed into service by colonizing Europeans had difficult lives. Today, among the few regions where pearl divers are found is Australia, where divers, Landman explains, make "eight or nine minute dives per day in cold, murky water, contending with poisonous or dangerous sea life such as sharks, sea snakes, and sea-nettles [jellyfish]. For visitors in search of handy household hints, some basic questions are addressed, such as how to spot an artificial pearl - if it feels smooth rather than gritty when rubbed against the end of the teeth, it may be imitation.

Or, seen under a hand lens, the surface of a real pearl has a so-called "fingerprint pattern," caused by the overlapping layers of calcium carbonate crystals nacre.

Ibn Zafar as-Siqilli (Author of Solacing Pearls)

The exhibition also addresses why some cultures, such as Japan and Southeast Asia, did not value them as much as collectors elsewhere did before the 20th century. While pondering such paradoxes, visitors may admire the Aphrodite Pin, loaned by the British Museum in London and billed as "one of the oldest surviving cultural objects incorporating pearls. Visitors should try to make time to visit the museums before the exhibition's generous lenders decide, as Adelaide sings in "Guys and Dolls," to "take back their pearls Already a subscriber?

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