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They are growing up to be caring and thoughtful individuals with an empathy that belies their ages.

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Ten years ago my wife, Lisa, gave birth to our youngest daughter, Eleanor. She has been diagnosed with the same condition that I have: Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease CMT or peroneal muscular atrophy, also known as hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy. What this means in practical terms is that there is wastage of the muscles in the lower part of the limbs. I can no longer walk and my hand strength is very weak, limiting my dexterity. Ellie is walking still but her gait — the way she walks — is affected.

In she had to undergo surgery on her legs to try to straighten her ankles, as her tendons were pulling her feet inwards. The disability can affect people in many different ways. Both my wife and I want to see Ellie enjoy life just as much as her older siblings and we are aware that she will face problems as she grows up, but what we want her to understand is that those problems can be overcome.

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In my life I have done many crazy and wonderful things that many people thought were beyond my capabilities: water-skiing, off-road 4x4, go-karting, gliding, diving — the list goes on. I even played drums in a band in the s, reaching the dizzy heights of playing the Hippodrome at Leicester Square.

And as soon as it occurred to me, that was it; I was away. I would show her. It is a list. A list of all the crazy things I plan to do over the coming months.

How are you going to do everything on it in one year? I was hoping you could suggest some things to put on it too. She looks again, her slender index finger tracing a line down the page. Not now, at least. And here we were, the idea having not only taken root but also sprouted. And what had started as a whimsical, unfocused kind of wish list had somehow become a full-blown plan.

She considers it for a few seconds, chewing thoughtfully on her lower lip. Even for me.

[B:2:S]-The 50 List. A father's heartfelt message to his daughter. Anything is possible.

I say so. Silly me. I should have known. Of course she means like Superman.

Children Return Home and Take Over

I am her hero, just the same way my dad was my hero. What do you expect? The air holds you up. Think — what would you like to do, if you could do a challenge yourself? Your state should have an official form for adjudicating parentage that requests information such as:. Prior to submitting a petition to adjudicate parentage, you may want to consider taking a legal paternity test to speed up the process. While a home DNA paternity test performed for personal use will clarify the paternity of the child, in most cases it cannot be used as evidence in court. If your case is successful, the judge can issue an order to adjudicate parentage specifically outlining what changes to make on the birth certificate.

This order is required with VS 21 applications for amending birth records. When you obtain the VS 21 application, be sure to include a certified copy of the court order with the original seal and court clerk signature not the original document to reduce the chances of your application being rejected. Photocopies or other unofficial documents will likely not be accepted. However, it is recommended to include a photocopy of the original birth certificate to expedite the process. Once your application to amend birth records is accepted, you will have successfully completed all of the steps to change the father on the birth certificate.

The average processing time for these changes is approximately two months, after which time the new birth certificate will reflect the correct parentage.

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Keep in mind that even if a DNA paternity test determines that a man who is no t on the birth certificate is the actual biological father, a court may not agree to change the name on the birth certificate while the child is still a minor. This is especially true if there is already a man listed on the birth certificate who has accepted legal responsibility for the child and is supporting the child.

Ultimately, for a minor child, the decision is up to the court. Just call to set up a collection appointment, bring proper ID verification, and get your results in two business days after the samples arrive at our laboratory. Learn more about legal paternity testing in this blog post or click here to arrange for a legal paternity test now. California Department of Public Health. My husband was out of the united states aT the time i gave birth to my son so he now has had my last name.

Now that he is older we now thought of changing his last name to my husbands. My question is will i need. DNA test? Hi, Alma. Please get legal assistance for how to do this in your area. Good luck! Hello, I just did this with my daughter.

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She was given my last name at birth. Then you mail it in. I never had a father on my birth certificate but now I do. Hi, Felicia. Please read the article you commented on. It has all the information you need. My son just received his results back it show 0. Did you all test in the same room? If you want to do a supervised, or legal, test with all samples being witnessed by a third party, we can arrange that for you.

Hope this helps!

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I know who my biological father is and we have already did a legal DNA. My mother and the man on my birth certificate are both deceased. I would like to have my biological father on there. He wants the same also. Please help me. Hi, Rebecca. Also, you can do an internet search for how to change a name on a birth certificate in your specific state.

I suggest starting there. Hi my name is Kylie. His biological dad is not in cocked at all whatsoever, which is a good thing, but my boyfriend who has been involved since I was 13 weeks pregnant has decided he wants to be on there and I want the same. Is there anyway to do this without going through the whole adoption process?

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Hi, Kylie. How wonderful that your boyfriend is stepping in as a father figure to your child. Hats off to him! The same thing with my fiancee now on my 2 boys.. I never put there father on there certificate but now my fiancee wants on it. Im still trying to get info on how to do this. Would have been a great fathers day gift.. I just recently gained knowledge of my 3 year old daughter.

My daughters mother gave my daughter her last name. Do I have any rights as to her getting my last name? I want her to have my last name.