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Standard XL Head circumference 50 - 58 cm 58 - 62 cm Product size 22,3 x 53 cm 24,5 x 53 cm. Kids - Tubulars and neckwarmers. Size Guide. Add to Cart. Made using recycled materials. Do more Now and help creating a better world to enjoy.

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Low weight product, designed to be extremely light to wear. Made of Primaloft fabric - The highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any synthetic insulation currently on the market. Designed to wick away moisture in an efficient and fast way. Ideal for high intensity activities. Winter is coming! Enjoy versatility, comfort, warm and style while getting some fresh turns at the ski hill. Warmer than traditional microfiber fabrics.

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An ultimate protection without compromising comfort. Main Close Neckwear Headwear. Are there microscopic machines repelling the stain? How does it work? PS: So the "nano" has more to do with the size of the fibers? D: You know, I'm really not sure, but I do know they'll come clean. My kid has a pair of these. Messy kid. So I got the shirt and pants, and he's doing great with them. You just need to remember to press after every fifth wash. PS: But would you say the stain defender was the Teflon coating or the size of the fibers?

D: I would say not. I need to help other customers, ma'am.

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Can I ask how you got the number to call us today? Nanotechnology is the science of building machines and materials at the molecular level, where key components are measured in nanometers, or one-billionth of a meter.

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Nanotechnology applications now being developed range from the fantastic a supercomputer small enough to fit in your hand to the mundane stain-resistant khakis and longer-lasting tennis balls. Billions of tiny whiskers create a thin cushion of air above the cotton fabric, smoothing out wrinkles and allowing liquids to bead up and roll off without a trace. The whiskers are added by dipping cotton fabric in a proprietary chemical solution before the fabric is cut, said Nano-Tex's Dolores Sides. Because the particles are so small, they easily penetrate the fabric and coat each cotton thread completely without changing the way it looks or feels, she said.

The company has developed similar stain-resistant products for synthetic fibers and upholstery. One new product wraps synthetic fibers in an organic, cotton-like substance to create a garment that combines the longevity of polyester with the comfortable feel of natural fabric, she said.

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