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The further north you go, the shorter the nights.

The best thing about it? You can do whatever you want at any time!

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The Midnight Sun. The feeling of never having to face tomorrow, just keep having fun and enjoy the never-ending day, is absolutely wonderful. Those who depend on their beauty sleep will face certain challenges. Imagine what it would be like for a few days to leave all the stress and all the noise behind you, breathing in the forest scent and meeting its four-legged or winged residents face to face and assuming the role of a real nature photographer.

If it's your first time visiting Swedish Lapland during the summer, you'll notice that it never gets dark. You have entered the world of the midnight sun, and if you're not used to it, it's an extraordinary experience. But beware, it might affect your sleep quality. Former sports photographer Lucas Nilsson explains the advantages of the summer up north, and why the camera is your ticket to any great exploits. The season with midnight light in Swedish Lapland is around days long.

Read more. The mist swathes its thin veil, soon to be dissolved by sunlight, around the towering pines in the Swedish Lapland summer night. We are waiting for the bears, inside a warm, safe and mosquito-free hide, in the forestland of Swedish Lapland. Perhaps summer and swimming isn't what first springs to mind when you think of Swedish Lapland.

But, in fact, there are plenty of cool beaches and places to go for a swim — thanks to the inland ice. How about hiking with snowshoes under the Midnight Sun in June? In the Arjeplog mountains the snow is still there most of the summer. With clients such as Patagonia, Orvis, and The Flyfish Journal her work has taken her to several remote destinations in the world.

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Swedish Lapland and the secluded eco-camps Geunja and Tjounajokk, being some of them. This is her take on the stunning Arctic light as a photographer. Watch more videos like this one. And in the same way, that same light is what makes life so close to the Arctic Circle quite extraordinary. During the six months that the Sun is above the horizon, it spends the days continuously moving in circles around the observer, gradually spiralling higher and reaching its highest circuit of the sky at the summer solstice.

Because of atmospheric refraction , and also because the Sun is a disc rather than a point, the midnight sun may be experienced at latitudes slightly south of the Arctic Circle or north of the Antarctic Circle, though not exceeding one degree depending on local conditions. For the same reasons, the period of sunlight at the poles is slightly longer than six months. Even the northern extremities of Scotland and places at similar latitudes, such as St.

Petersburg experience twilight throughout the night in the northern sky at around the summer solstice.

Midnight sun season in Northern Norway

Observers at heights appreciably above sea level can experience extended periods of midnight sun as a result of the "dip" of the horizon viewed from altitude. The term "midnight sun" refers to the consecutive hour periods of sunlight experienced north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle.

The Midnight Sun Will Never Set

Other phenomena are sometimes referred to as "midnight sun", but they are caused by time zones and the observance of daylight saving time. For instance, in Fairbanks, Alaska , which is south of the Arctic Circle, the Sun sets at am at the summer solstice. This is because Fairbanks is 51 minutes ahead of its idealized time zone as most of the state is in one time zone and Alaska observes daylight saving time.

Fairbanks is at about This means that solar culmination occurs at about pm instead of at 12 noon. If a precise moment for the genuine "midnight sun" is required, the observer's longitude , the local civil time and the equation of time must be taken into account. The moment of the Sun's closest approach to the horizon coincides with its passing due north at the observer's position, which occurs only approximately at midnight in general. Each degree of longitude east of the Greenwich meridian makes the vital moment exactly 4 minutes earlier than midnight as shown on the clock, while each hour that the local civil time is ahead of coordinated universal time UTC, also known as GMT makes the moment an hour later.

These two effects must be added. Furthermore, the equation of time which depends on the date must be added: a positive value on a given date means that the Sun is running slightly ahead of its average position, so the value must be subtracted. The equation of time at that date is Therefore, the sun's lowest elevation occurs - Hours upon hours of golden light makes for a smorgasbord of possible shooting locations and compositions to be covered. The Midnight Sun season in Iceland is perfect for hunting wildflowers.

All in all, that makes for long nights spent chasing the perfect photographs. In the southern parts of the world, when bad weather rolls in, a sunset can easily be ruined by waiting for it to pass. Hallgrimskirkja in the Golden Sun.

Midnight sun

Photo by: ' Iurie Belegurschi'. With hours of daylight, not only will you have enough time to drive to where you need to be, but hiking is also a very good possibility as well. Iceland has numerous wonderful nature trails to explore and with all of that light there is plenty of time to do that! During summer, you can brave the Landmannalaugar trail and witness some of the most impressive geothermal areas in the country, as well as some of the lushest green forests.

Landmannalaugar is the perfect place to visit during summer, when there are near 24 hours of daylight to explore.

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Photo by: 'Kaspars Dzenis'. There is so much to photograph in the Icelandic Highlands that you'll need to spend more than a day or two to really immerse yourself in the landscape! The valley of Thor. Photo by: 'Max Rive'. These hikes are all relatively short, and well worth the time. The bonus is that if you are flexible and want to go during the Midnight Sun, you can visit these places without all of the daytime tourists that the tour buses bring! Take a stroll by the harbour to enjoy Reykjavik beneath the Midnight Sun.

Iceland also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

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  • This means that you can walk and explore the city with your camera late into the night with relative safety. Some people find it difficult to sleep during the summer in Iceland, when there is so much daylight that it never really gets dark. Similarly, many landscape photographers find it difficult to adjust to the new schedule, particularly with the excitement of having so much light in which to capture photos during the day.

    As such, it is easy to get burnt out when you are visiting Iceland in summer for photography. The locals deal with the Midnight Sun season in no other way than by just not getting very much sleep.

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    For visitors however, using a sleep mask or just napping periodically throughout the day can be a good remedy. Given that there is so much light during the day, there is really no problem with using the middle part of the day, when the light is at its harshest, to get a bit of sleep and relax. If you already know that you will be up and photographing around midnight, then try to get some sleep during the afternoon! You'll also be able to bypass the crowds this way, as most people will be out and about from lunchtime until dinner.