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I was taking my time and calming down And then I realized it got really quiet. I didn't hear the birds and the squirrels anymore, I just heard something big moving through the woods. I thought to myself maybe it's a dog. And then I heard the voices. The first voice is a male's voice and he said 'I know I saw her go in this way, she couldn't have gotten that far. And I don't know how long I stood there waiting for them to get to me, but I was completely frozen. And then I heard the other voice.

You could understand what they were saying but the voice wasn't right. I could almost feel where it was coming from… It was behind me and a little above like it was taller than me. It just said, 'go to the river now. I took off toward the river. I made a ton of noise because I was just going as fast as I could and the voice came back and said, 'no, quietly. I squished myself against it, squeezing down into the smallest, tightest ball I could. The voice the kept telling me to stay.

And I just sat there, hoping whoever was in the moods was going to leave and that I wasn't having some kind of breakdown. But I had to look, I just tilted my head up a tiny bit and I could see the tips of these construction boots hanging over the edge. And I could see hanging next to them, this dirty old rope. Just swinging next to them swinging… I don't think I even thought anything, I was so scared. I just tried to not breathe.

It felt like hours, but I know it couldn't have been that long. The voice even was completely silent.

He started to walk away at some point. And the voice kept telling me to wait.

Don't believe in ghosts? These pictures will be sure to change your mind.

So I waited. And finally, the voice said, 'go, now to the field.

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Go now. So I ran through the woods and just got out to the field, far, far, from the cars and street. It was getting dark and I could see the parking lot but it was so far away. I'm running and I start hearing footsteps running, and first, they're farther away but they're so much faster than I am, barreling after me… and there was nothing… I fully expected to see at least one of the men there but it was silent. The only thing I could think was that the footsteps must have belonged to the voice.

And I hear it again screaming at the top of its lungs that I need to run right now. And the footsteps come back and they're in pace with me, running next to me through the field. I had a thousand crazy thoughts because none of this made any sense. Finally, I get to my car I refused to look behind me.

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If there hadn't been a voice, I would probably be a missing person's case… It got me out of there. None of us had been to Rhode Island before, so we were excited about the drive, especially because we had rented a Mustang convertible for it.

The Scariest Ghost Stories Ever, Straight From the Depths of Reddit

We left a little later than expected—it was about p. I wasn't scared, per se, just a little on edge. I thought about pulling over to put the top up but decided against it since there were no cars in sight. Heavy rain was projected for the entire weekend, so I wanted to get the most out the convertible. I don't know how to explain it other than an unsettling, exposed feeling.

These apparitions continued, becoming more and more frequent, until the bridge unexpectedly collapsed during rush hour traffic. Forty-six people were killed. The Mothman was never seen again after the accident… But did the creature cause that terrible tragedy - or was it simply an omen of things to come? Classic horror film The Entity is absolutely chilling. In the flick, a young mother is raped and tortured by unseen, otherworldly beings - but it's even more terrifying when you know it was based on a true story. Yup, we're serious.

In , a woman named Doris Bither claimed she was assaulted by invisible entities. Despite the fact that many people slammed the young woman as a liar, two paranormal investigators, Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, decided to investigate… And what they found was very disturbing. From floating balls of light floating about to whispered voices, there's no way we would EVER set foot in that house.

I scream, you scream, we all scream

Doris' son Brian Harris told GhostTheory. He said: "What do you want to know? It was all true.

Lilliana Vazquez Freaks Out During Haunted House 'Ghost Brothers' Tour - TODAY

Living in that home was hell. We all experienced some form of attack. There was the pushing, biting and scratching being done to us. There were about 4 entities in the home, and they made themselves known by appearing all the time. I think it took a lot of energy for them to do that. Like a human…but not quite. Like a silhouette. Just not clear.

Ursula Bielski: My Own True Ghost Story | Chicago Hauntings Ghost Tours

Translucent and foggy. My room was right next door to my mother's. I would hear the attacks happening. Things being thrown, her screaming. Then she would come out of the bedroom and have all these bruises. On her legs, her inner thighs. Just like in the movie. It was like if a man was standing in front of my mother and would start to beat her. Imagine a woman being beaten.

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You could see her being picked up and thrown around. Sounds, slaps, but there was no-one there to actually do it. In August , single mum Peggy Hodgson called police to her council home in Enfield. When they arrived, she explained that two of her four children had told her that their furniture was moving all by itself.

More terrifying, they'd heard knocking sounds coming from inside the walls. A sceptical police officer looked around the house - and he admitted that he saw a chair slide on the floor. American paranormal investigator Ed Warren later said that he'd observed one of the children, Janet, as she lay "sound asleep, levitating in midair". He concluded that the children were the subject of demonic possession.

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  7. Last year, The Conjuring 2 was released — based on the events of the real-life Enfield Poltergeist. Ever wondered where the Blair Witch Project producers came up with the idea for their film? Look this way… In the s, the Bell family moved into a house in a small town in Tennessee. And, after just a few weeks, they began experiencing some very spooky activity… It began with knocking and scratching on the walls of their house.

    But, slowly, the activity began to grow more violent.