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But many businesses are still hesitant to join Twitter for marketing purposes. They may not understand the value of Twitter, or, before recently, turned away due to the character limit. Twitter is a worthwhile investment for your company though. The good news is that even if you have no social media presence on Twitter today, tomorrow can be another story.

Best Practices in Using Twitter for Business

Contact us online or call today to get started using Twitter successfully for your business! Plus, if you have a special hashtag associated with your organization, you can find out who is mentioning your hashtag. This is a great source of real-time branding data. The customizable dashboard lets marketers schedule tweets as well as track mentions and hashtags. If you have a Twitter page with followers, you can direct those followers to content on your site.

Perhaps you have a blog post to share, or maybe you have developed a landing page for a certain marketing campaign. You can easily find valuable resources and information about your industry on Twitter if you look through trending topics on Twitter.

Curate Your Twitter Feed

Spread the word on Twitter and closely watch how your followers react. Customers like it when you interact with them — you are the human face behind the brand. Hashtags are a great way for people to find you. For instance, if a certain hashtag is trending on Twitter, you can include the hashtag in your tweet and use its popularity to your advantage.

So what exactly is Twitter?

However, ensure that the hashtag is relevant to your tweet and brand. On the other hand, when you use tweets with hashtags , they can be seen by anyone on Twitter. If a person searches for that specific hashtag, they will be able to see your tweet. Hashtags help your tweets perform better. Before you start adding hashtags to your tweets, you must figure out the hashtags that resonate with the subject and help you reach a larger audience!

How to Use Twitter for Business in 2019

For example: for a digital marketer, the hashtag marketingtips will help reach a more focused audience than the hashtag socialmedia. The more you tweet, the more engagement you will see. So, you must tweet at least three times a day - in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Also, it is found that tweeting at 5 PM is the best time to get more re-tweets. Tweeting multiple times a day, every single day can be quite difficult, why not make things easier for yourself?

You can use SocialPilot or any other social media scheduling tools to schedule your posts on Twitter and make your task simpler. Scheduling not only saves you time and effort but also helps you to increase engagement. Today, Twitter is being used by many marketers as a tool to achieve their marketing goals. This very attribute can solve the problem of 'how to market your business on Twitter' for you. A creative bunch of social media fanatics to update and help each one out there on social media and social media marketing. Always open for new ideas and improvements.

SocialPilot Team July 09, TwitterMarketing TwitterTips. Large image summary cards are the big brothers of thumbnail summary cards. They include a large image inside their posts and provide stark contrast to the surplus of original text and link based tweets.

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For marketers who are big on using video, player cards are an effective way to drive engagement. They allow you to create posts capable of playing videos straight from your website. Many mobile application developers like to promote app cards. If paired with a good call-to-action, app cards can effectively motivate users to install your app. They are powerful marketing tools because users can open your applications directly from their Twitter feed. More than half of all businesses on Twitter repeat their tweets. Repeat tweets have been proven to increase visibility of your brand and its products or services up to 86 per cent after the original tweet was launched.

Many believe repeating a tweet is bad marketing policy; however, a large percentage of your following is likely to miss your initial tweet. Over the course of multiple exposures, you are more likely to reach a greater number of your audience. Instead, re-arrange the same content in slightly different formats. This is how you can re-target your Twitter audience with the same content without coming off the same as before.

For example, you want to make multiple tweets using the same link. Even though each tweet has the same link, they all have different variations to their content:. The first tweet could have a thumbnail summary card with the original headline, photo, text and link; the second, a large picture summary card with a new headline, new photo, and same text and link as the first tweet; and the last tweet, a player card with a new video, original headline, and same text and link as the first tweet.

1. Create a Twitter account

Businesses receive all kinds of complaints from customers. There are some who handle them poorly and those who handle them with anonymity. However, you can mitigate that damage by connecting with customers through direct message. When communicating through direct message, customers can have their say about any negative experiences they had with your business.

Here, you can resolve the issue without the anxiety of onlookers judging your brand.

Give shout outs and thank you comments to those who are praising your brand. The most straight-forward way to guarantee attention and engagement is to talk about topics that interest your target audience: this will give them a reason to engage with you.

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How to Get the Most out of Twitter for Business | Liquid Web

Ultimately, you will introduce other elements such as your company history, goals, products, discounts, coupons, practical tips, and customer assistance, among others. The key is to balance all this information, so your followers almost always have fun when they read your posts. Spend time thinking over a conversation strategy. Try incorporating a fun and vibrant speaking tone to some of your new posts. Pick a day out of the week where you can try out new types of posts to see what gains traction. At the end of the day, the more time and creativity you invest into each post, the more you improve your chances of building a loyal following.

Did you think we were going to leave you hanging?

The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter for Business Success in 12222

Twitter is beta testing new ways to sort its user interface in In its beta, there are likely to be major changes coming to the way Twitter users can engage with each other going forward. The aim of this re-design is to make conversations, branching off from original tweets, easier to follow and engage with. Sarah Haider indicates the traditional, chronological Twitter view will not be impacted by these changes; however, there will be deeper options for users to find and follow conversations they are interested in.

Proposed changes show the platform is changing to a more conversational approach. For instance, on mobile devices, twitter conversations are now being colour-coded to identify and differentiate the source of a post from those who are responding to it. The conversations now look similar to those of instant messaging applications, with coloured speech bubbles representing different groups.

Threads are now a main theme on Twitter. Threads simplify following a conversation between users. Before threads, one would have to follow conversations through hashtags and replies from page to page. With the inclusion of threads, a particular conversation can be seen in one place. This makes catching up and contributing to a conversation all the much easier. Twitter is experimenting with removing its engagement buttons.

Conversations will be stripped of engagement button icons, on first view.