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Our knowledge and experience of how to best plan, procure and manage the implementation of waste-to-energy projects, in combination with our detailed technical knowledge of the involved mechanical and electrical equipment, underpins our strong position in the market.

Waste to Energy project MBT plant+AD plant+Incineration (Peaks-eco)

We assist our clients through all phases of the project — from idea to operation — and the combination of our experience and expertise means that we can provide no-learning-curve client support at every step of the project. We assist the future facility owners and operators in the planning, design and procurement of facilities.

Subsequently, we supervise and manage the implementation of the projects on behalf of our clients. We can assist in the establishment of waste-to-energy facilities under different contracting structures. On PPPs we provide technical and project management support to public waste management authorities in the planning, procurement and implementation of the transactions. On operational facilities we provide asset management advisory services tailor made for waste-to-energy facilities.

We also offer the software program, BIOMA, with which it is possible to determine the fossil CO2 emission based on existing measurements. Where communities have opted for the segregation of organic waste from businesses or households, the establishment of Anaerobic Digestion AD will normally be part of the waste management system. In recent years, organic waste has furthermore become a very important raw material for boosting biogas production from both manure and sewage sludge. In Ramboll we have many years of experience from successful implementation of anaerobic digestion projects based on a range of inputs like organic waste, manure or sewage sludge , and our technical experts are well experienced in handling the specific challenges that arise when using organic waste for the production of biogas.

Countries, communities and companies strive to use resources in the best possible way. The key challenges are to generate products which are truly valuable, and to be able to deal with the variations in the received input stream and health and safety issues. Many projects include a material recovery facility as part of an integrated solution. At Ramboll, we know the challenges a material recovery facility has to tackle in order to be a stable and high performing facility that delivers recyclable products of the right quality.

Being the first new green-field waste-to-energy facility in the US for more than 15 years, the West Palm Beach facility is equipped with 3 x 1, tonnes per day combustion units. Ramboll has assisted as technical consultant during tendering design. The cost-effective project also produces electricity and has the potential to supply heat to the local community. Ramboll has assisted the County Council as its lead technical advisor, providing fast-track services and results.

The waste-to-energy plant in Western Australia has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by , tonnes per year. It will be capable of processing , tonnes of waste a year and producing 36MW of electricity, enough to power up to 50, homes.

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The highly modern waste-to-energy facility also offers a rooftop recreational space with ski slopes and climbing walls designed by Bjarke Ingels group BIG. In a world with a growing population and increasing consumption, there is a pressing need to use our resources in the best possible way. This involves reducing waste generation, ensuring high-quality recycling, and using residual waste for efficient and clean energy generation at waste-to-energy facilities.

Waste to energy facilities

Explore the project here. The Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen produces energy from waste, with extreme efficiency and a recreational touch. Until now, no waste-to-energy plant in Denmark has used heat pumps to boost flue gas condensation and recover heat.

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No one believed it could be done cost-effectively. However, the design team at Ramboll Energy had other ideas.

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The increasing pressure on resources makes it clear that waste must be turned into a resource in a circular economy - an economy that only functions optimally if it includes recycling as well as energy recovery. We have provided consultancy services to waste-to-energy facilities all around the world. We have extensive experience from new units as well as retrofitting of existing units.

Waste as a resource PDF. New waste-to-energy facilities and units PDF.

Waste-To-Energy: Technologies and Project Implementation

Bright ideas. Sustainable change. Worldwide Contact Global site Ramboll Group. Middle East. Southern Africa. Spain and Portugal. United Kingdom. Ramboll Group.

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With case studies from around the world, Rogoff and Screve provide an insight into the different approaches taken to the planning and implementation of WTE. The second edition includes coverage of the latest technologies and practical engineering challenges as well as an exploration of the economic and regulatory context for the development of WTE.

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